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The Man who Cried "Coup"
Rafael Correa's Stroke of Luck - October, 2010
"There is a joke about the term coup d’état—French for a sudden or illegal change in government.  It goes like this:  How come there is no word for coup in English?  The punch line: Because there is no U.S. Embassy in the United States." More...


Gunmen loyal to Hugo Chávez fire pistols at opposition marchers and police. COURTESY OF LUIS FERNANDEZ.
An Intimate Look at the Street Violence that Sparked the 2002 Coup against Hugo Chávez.
From the Virginia Quarterly Review
"Although incredibly low on supplies, Vargas Hospital did several things very well, like treat gunshot victims. The hospital received between 95 and 110 gunshot patients in any given week and so the surgeons had become experts at bullet wounds. Seventy-five percent of the broken bones that the hospital treated were caused by bullets. At least in this respect, the wounded that arrived on April 11th were in the best hands possible." More...

The Chávez-Castro Connection
From the History News Network

The reasons for Hugo Chávez’s close ties to Fidel Castro can be found in a forgotten chapter of the Cold War. More..

"Hugo Chávez is not going away soon"
From The Christian Science Monitor

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's recent proclamations that President Bush is the devil and that he could still smell the sulfur from Mr. Bush's visit to the UN the day before have largely been covered by the media as laughable and absurd." More..


Seeing the Coup with Fresh Eyes - from Caracas Chronicles - April 2010
If Only Chávez were more like Castro
From The Christian Science Monitor

"While much has been made of the similarities between Chávez and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, it is actually wiser, given Chávez's decade in power, to look at the differences. " More..

"Carpe Diem Grows Up"
From Event Magazine
" It was the Sunday night before first semester finals, junior year. The snow that was coming down was heavy and wet, the kind of snow that might freeze overnight and leave a layer of ice on the roads, the kind of snow that gets your hopes up." More..
"Los Maracuchos: Life in Venezuela's Oil Boomtown"
From The Southern Humanities Review

"This is the wild west; where everyone carries a pistol and where carjacking is such a formal industry that local merchants sell vacunas or “vaccinations”—for a thirty-dollar window sticker (the money somehow makes its way back to the mob) the carjackers will, like the angel of death at a blood-soaked doorway, pass you and your car over…for a month." More..


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